Monday, 29 July 2013

Ravenwing HQ's!!!

So I received another box of Black Knights yesterday, my goal was to have these 3 bikers be converted into a HQ retinue to accompany Sammael into battle (when I get him that is).

First up is the Librarian, I used a spare Turmiel from DV and cut him at the waist and mounted him on the bike, pretty straight forward, but it works.

Next I worked on a Techmarine, I used the Chest piece that comes with all Space Marine Tanks, the head is from a Venerable Dreadnought, I then used spare servo-arms for a servo-harness and finally a Bretonian Lance for a power lance (Str 5 AP 3 on the charge), being wielded by the Ravenwing Banner arm (because it's all bionic).

Finally I decided to make an Interrogator Chaplain, this kit-bash was simple but effective, I used the head, crozius head and smok dispensers from a spare Serephicus model I had, the rest of him is made up of Black Knight parts, his right shoulder is from the Death Company and I used the book from the old Sammael model I had (he's in pieces thanks to my Alaskan Malamute, he decided he was a chew toy).

I also completed this 10 man Veteran Squad, they are kitted out with:
  • 3 x Plasma Pistols
  • 2 x Plasma Guns
  • 1 x Plasma Cannon
  • 5 x Storm Shields
The idea is that I either combat squad them ( the 2 Plasma Gunners and the Plasma Cannon sit back with 2 other guys, while the 3 Plasma Pistols move ahead with a HQ in a Razorback) the other option is to combine them and put all 10 in a Drop Pod, get out put the 5 Storm Shields at the front and hunt heavy infantry and light armour, I know the Cannon is wasted here but if they don't kill them all he'll do damage the turn after.

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  1. That Chaplin is damn SEXY!!!! I'm also loving the Drop Pod idea with the Storm Shields, I never would have thought about using them that way!