Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fantasy Core Painting Comp.

The second theme for GW Southland's Painting Comp was as follows:

You had to paint a single core model from the Warhammer Fantasy range, however there were restrictions. It had to be a generic rank and file model, meaning no Banner, Champ or Musician allowed.

As a Tomb King collector I knew a skeleton was NEVER going to win so I decided to look through the fantasy range and choose something else, straight away the Savage Orcs grabbed me and after a bit of thought, I not only decided to paint one up for the comp but also start collecting them as an army.

Anyway here is my Savage Orc, which I'm happy to announce placed 1st.

So I won some Wood Elf book, but more importantly I won the right to decide the theme for July.

I decided the theme would be "Duels", so we have to depict a duel between two models. We can choose 40k, Fantasy or the Hobbit.

Wraithsight Painting Comp.

My local hobby store, Games Workshop Southland has a painting comp almost every month now.
The Winner of each comp gets to choose the theme for the next month.

This month saw the store run two separate comps.

1. Wraithsight Painting Comp: The store decided to run a comp in line with the release of the new Eldar Range, the details we're for the painters to choose a model from the new Eldar Range and paint it in the theme of your own craftworld. Considering I wish to start my own craftworld soon, I jumped on board.

Here is my new Farseer., unfortunately it didn't win, but that's fine as my mate Ryan did.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

All Is Dust........

So here are the Pics of my completed Rubricae, old and new alike.
It took me about 3 hours to fully assemble all of them, I still might make some mods to a few of them, to give them banners in case I want any Icons of flame.

All my Rubricae, you can see all the new ones, they're obviously all the unpainted ones.

First Squad from the new lot, still not sure whether to give the Sorcerer the Dragon Backpack or save it for someone else

My Resin Rubricae and Sorcerer, I bought these as soon as they we're available with the new Codex

The second new lot, having the same problem with this Sorcerer as the other 'new' one

My Original Rubric squad. I mixed the Thousand Sons parts with the robed bodies of the Dark Angels.

These are the left over Rubricae I had, luckily enough I had the right amount. (Just as planned) :D

I couldn't not include my Ahriman model. I finished him in one day in order to get him ready for a Tournament, I've had him for a while unpainted lol, I'm not exactly happy how he turned out so I'll be getting the resin one in the future to re-do him.

More Iron Warriors

Here are some photos of more of my completed Iron Warriors.


Here are my original Iron Warrior Terminators.


Sorry about the lighting on this guy

Dark Vengeance Helbrute

Monday, 24 June 2013

Renegade Psykers!!!

My Renegade Psykers just arrived from Bunker Games.
They were my prize for placing 3rd in Aprils Kit Bash Carnage. which is where you post a pic on their Facebook of a model you've essentially kit-bashed using several models/parts.

I'll be using the Psykers to fill for both Champions For my Iron Warriors Cultists AND as actual Psykers for my Traitor Guard allies for my Iron Warriors.

Anyway here they are.

And here is the model that one me the prize.

My Iron Warriors Warsmith. I also entered him in Golden Daemon last year just to get some feedback.

And that's this post done.


Thousand Sons Asembly Line

Ok so after getting all those Thousand Sons I started my assembly line last night. only got about 2 hours in but I think they're coming along, although only 2 are 100% built.

 I will Endeavor to do more tonight.


Sunday, 23 June 2013

So first real post is all About the Sons of Magnus

I just acquired some more Rubricae and Sorcerers from a friend. this is what I got.

I'll post the progress of these guys when I can

Starting Blog!

Hi, I just started this blog to show people progress on my armies that I'm currently working on.
As the Title says, I'm working on the Ist (Dark Angels), IVth (Iron Warriors), VIth (Space Wolves) and XVth (Thousand Sons) Legions.

I've been painting/collecting Warhammer for close to 15 years now and my first army was Dark Angels, since the codex re-release this year it has made me want to continue/start again with them.

I started Space Wolves back in 2009 with the release of their latest codex, Vikings and Wolves appeal greatly to me so collecting them was a no-brainer.

I started Thousand Sons back in late 2011 and they were the first Chaos Legion to grab my attention, reading the Space Wolves books and fluff really opened my eyes to this unfortunate legion.

Finally about a year ago I read the Iron Warriors omnibus and it showed me how Bad-ass Chaos space marines can really be, I really love the Iron Warriors look on life/death and warfare and the fact they don't really worship the chaos Gods (at least not to the extent of the Word Bearers, World Eaters, Death Guard, Emperors Children etc) so I didn't have to follow the Daemonic side of things.

As well as the Space Marine and Chaos Legions, I will put up stuff from my fantasy Orcs and Goblins and other side projects like my upcoming ally contingents such as my Own Eldar Craftworld and Tau sept as well as Painting Comps, Conversions etc.

Thanks for taking the time for read this blog.

SyN1zt3Ru. \m/