Iron Warriors

Here are some photos of my Iron Warriors.

Part of my 10 man Chaos Marine Squad
Above you can see my 1k point army I took
to Conflict this past January.
I did ok game wise and went into the finals.
I also got get sport in my heat and came 2nd in best army, losing to my Girlfriends Blood Angel Army >_< :P.

I don't know how strong the list is as it's both smashed face and gotten smashed, but alas I love playing it.

The list consists of the following:
  •  Warpsmith w/ Burning Brand, Mark of Nurgle and an Aura of Dark GLory
  • 10 Man Marine Squad w/ flamer, melta, all CCW, Powerfist and Melta Bombs
  • 5 Man Marine Squad w/ Plasma, Power Axe and Melta Bombs.
  • Rhino w/ Dozer Blade, Twin-Linked Bolter
  • 5 Man Chosen w/ Mark of Nurgle, 5x Meltas, Melta Bombs and Power Axe
  • 5 Man Havoc Squad w/ 4 x Missile Launchers w/ Flakk
  • 1 Nurgle Obliterator.
So yeah, not an overly powerful list, but fluffy and fun.

I see my mistakes now, I could've saved points
on the Flakk missiles and taken an Aegis with a
quad gun but i simply forgot. lol

If anyone is interested in knowing how I painted them, let me know.

I'll also be taking some more pics tonight of other Iron Warrior Models I've finished.

I still have a LOT of them to paint such as a Land Raider, Vindicator, Rhino, Predator, 3 more Oblits, more Havocs, 10 more Marines, 5 Raptors, 3 Bikes, a Dread, 5 More Chosen and about 10 Termies
My 5 Man unit

5 Man Havoc Squad

My Warsmith

More of my Havocs


My Nurgle Chosen
Anyway thanks again for checking the blog, \m/

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