Tuesday, 3 September 2013

For the Khan!

So, as everyone knows, The Space Marines are getting a new codex release this Saturday. What does this mean for me? Well as someone who has a LOT of Space Marine models (including Chaos) I have never actually collected them from the marine codex (I had a few space marines back in 3rd Ed.). So I decided that I was gunna start one, I immediately knew what chapter I wanted to do, The White Scars. They are probably one of the least known about first founding legions so it will be hard to do.

I love ancient History and Mongolia is no different. I think I should be able to grab some great inspiration from Mongolian history.

Painting white also isn't as bad as it seems, I'm happy to admit  I can probably paint Scars better than Space Wolves (who I've collected or MANY years now).

Anyway, I've ordered the White Scars Collector's Edition of the new 'dex and a Tactical Squad and the new Librarian so that will be a good start, and of course many bikes are to follow.

Here is my first completed White Scar, The Man himself Kor'Sarro Khan, Master of the Hunt, Captain of the 3rd Co. Let me know what you guys think.
I'm still indecisive about whether to  weather (lol) him or not, if so I will use powder's around the bottom of the legs, and maybe give him some minor scratches.

I'll also be getting another Kor'Sarro to mount on Moondraken (his bike).